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David Sockrider

David Sockrider

Dillon, CO


Welcome to Tour Paintings by David Sockrider.

I'm a life long artist and designer that enjoys little more than going to concerts and music festivals with a bunch of good friends. With favorites like Widespread Panic, The Grateful Dead and many other jam, rock and bluegrass bands, I try to hit as many shows as possible.

I've always been an artist but my work turned to paintings of musical performances after painting live during two nights of Widespread Panic at the 10,000 Lakes Festival in Minnesota.

My mission now is to create a painting of every show I attend. In my paintings, I try to capture the energy of the crowd just as much as the energy of the music. I hope you enjoy viewing a little slice of my life. Visit back often to see my latest creations.

Please help me support my art and music habit by purchasing a print or original.


Dave Schools by David Sockrider


Jimmy Herring by David Sockrider


Keller and His Compadres by David Sockrider


Split Lip Rayfield Wakarusa 2005 by David Sockrider


Widespread Panic Halloween 2011 Chicago by David Sockrider


Fruition at the Barkley Ballroom by David Sockrider


John Bell with Hat by David Sockrider


Forty Oz to Freedom by David Sockrider


Widespread Panic Peabody Opera House by David Sockrider


Mama Lenny and The Remedy at Road 34 by David Sockrider


Widespread Panic Painted Live two by David Sockrider


aka Panic Schools by David Sockrider


Mama Lenny and the Remedy by David Sockrider